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  7. Whether a business is a manufacturing unit or service provider, or a private, public, government, NGO unit, self-accounting organization, or a business enterprise, all are entitled to nominate and deserve this award.


  1. World’s Fastest Growing Companies Awards 2021 logo usage rights will be granted to you for the next one year from the day of receiving the award. You can use the award logo on all your promotional and marketing materials like catalog, packaging, print and digital advertising materials and collateral, brochures, hoarding, and others.
  2. Media hype via promotions on social media platforms, press release circulation and other activities.
  3. Your company will be awarded a digital certificate with the title “World’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021”.
  4. A media kit comprising a PR copy, numerous formats of logo designs, and banner designs will be provided for the exhibition of your accomplishment and advertisement and marketing purposes.
  5. An article (upto 1000 words) or your company profile along with the picture of your Chairman / CEO / President will be published on an International News Portal.
  6. A 2-min audio-visual clip of your Chairman / CEO / President conversing about your organization, its mission and visions, industry and others to be published on an eminent News Portal.
  7. The official company logo of the winners will be displayed on the “World’s Fastest Growing Companies Awards” website along with other winners.